Friday, February 10, 2012

Suddenly Friday

Somehow this week is suddenly over. The entire thing feels like a blur.

My homework this week was heavy on the online videos. I actually learn well from them but several hours of different lectures can be very hard to pay attention to.

Usually I get through a lot of the lectures with a knitting project. The project has to be basic so I am not counting or following a detailed pattern. I have to be able to drop it at any point to take notes. My sweater was that basic project - until I had to scrap it.

With the sweater scrapped, and my existing sock project requiring me to follow a detailed pattern I was inspired to start another project. I had received another Flat Feet skein awhile back and so I grabbed that and went back to a pattern that I have had previous success with and I know is mostly mindless.

I am doing the "His-Her Crew and Knee Socks" pattern again from Interweave Knits, Spring 2002. I will do the crew pattern again which knitted up nicely before and I even wear the finished product.

The amazing thing is that I referenced my previous blog post on this project and not only could I not follow the video I previously used how to do an invisible cast-on, but I couldn't follow any other video I tried. This was on Monday and I eventually gave up because I was wasting homework time.

I tried again on Tuesday and this time I used written instructions found on (no video). Thankfully this got me through it and I was able to start the sock.

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