Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Homework and Knitting

Due to exciting plans on Friday to attend the Sewing Expo in Puyallup with my mom, I have put non-negotiable requirements on myself for homework completion before Friday. I want to enjoy Friday with zero thoughts about things I need to get done. :)

This means I got very little sewing done, but as you can see, a ton of progress on kitting while I marathoned two chapters worth of instructional videos. I am so grateful I can knit while I watch these. Most of the videos are generally interesting, but at least one on Monday was painfully boring. I also simply have a hard time staying engaged with that much consecutive videos...the knitting helps with that too.

Other big excitement for me is that I have joined my first ever Relay for Life Team! It is Team Super Trooper. The team leader Jackie is just a really nice person and it is an honor to support her. One of our fund raisers is going to be a bake sale and you know how much I love to bake. Apparently we are doing a garage sale too but I never get excited about those. :) When I know about the bake sale I will put up dates!

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