Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stormy Day

Today non-stop rain and wind changed plans a bit. Basically we were stuck in the house and I alternated between homework and sewing. Nim alternated between sleeping and trying to punish me with his boredom.
I am SO done with yard clean-up. I have replaced that section of fence before. Fortunately this just bent the fence instead of collapsing it.

I have also managed to keep power despite a lot of flickering.

I decided I really wanted to do the broken dishes block and so I needed a lot more 3.5 inch squares to pair up for half-triangle squares.

Monday is the President's Day sale at Pacific Fabrics which is motivating more to do my homework and work work this weekend so that Monday can be a lazy day. If you visit their Web site they do have a blog going which has a pre-Sewing Expo post on it. Now I have no interest in paper piecing (at least right now) but you have to admit it is a pretty neat quilt.

I wish I had known about this Madrona Winter Retreat sooner. I considered driving to Tacoma for some of the public part (especially the talent show on Thursday considering it was being organized by the Yarn Harlot) but just didn't want to drive that far. It seems like a fun retreat and I might look more into the mini-classes and evening events next year.

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