Monday, June 4, 2012

BakingGALS - Round 42

Hello BakingGALS team members!

My name is Sam and I live in the Snoqualmie Valley area of WA state. I live about 40 minutes east of Seattle and 20 minutes west of Snoqualmie Pass (which I now know from driving over the Idaho pass into WA that Snoqualmie isn't much of a mountain pass). I love living out in the mountains and I hike a lot.

This is my first time participating in a baking round and I absolutely loved it.

I am currently in school (I do one class a quarter online) to better help me with my job change/loss situation. I am fortunate that for now I still do have a job. My current quarter ends in about 8 more days and right now I am working on a final project for that class. Baking is one of my favorite stress releases these days and I think this group is going to be a wonderful outlet for me.

This is my two year old Doberman Nim. I woke him up for the photo which is probably evident from his expression.
I loved the packaging tips and did get the large rectangular zip-lock containers for packaging (I would normally use zip-lock bags so this was a great idea).

I went ahead and tried the apple peel trick...if nothing else, I found it interesting.

This has been an educational baking experience for me. I tend towards soft/under-cooked cookies which are great for immediate consuming but not great for packaging. So some of my cookies will have to try again next time with a little bit more baking time.
I did like the layering of the cookies and paper towels. It really padded up the containers nice and secure.
I put labels on the under-side with ingredients. We weren't notified of any allergies but I wanted the information there in case.

I wrote a small letter for each box. I actually like writing letters and rarely have a reason to do so anymore. I didn't get other fun items to stash in there...but there are other rounds.

I like how these containers fit in the priority mail boxes (two per medium box).
I may have to eventually buy some stickers. :) But printing the logo worked well!
I look forward to seeing other team member photos!


  1. Awesome! Will you hear back from any military about your cookies? Did you write a letter?

    1. Time will tell for responses. It sounds like some respond and some don't - and really that is fine. I think it depends on personality and free time.

      I did write a letter for each. Usually just short stuff. A little about me and where I live and good wishes for them.

  2. oh but he posed so well for you anyways, what a trooper
    ps that first set of cookies look divine, so symetric and unburned
    I love writing letters. I make M his lunch for work everyday and every once in a while I surprise him with a little note and he is always grateful for it-it's that bit of effort...

    1. There was heavy treating involved. :) He suffers so. :)

      Those are such an old standby for me! I hardly make them at all for myself anymore but they are really popular with the general public. One of those cookies that even non-vegans inhale.

      That is SO neat you write a note. He has to love that. And really, it is the little things that keep the relationships going.

  3. What a great project. Nim's photo is just perfect. I love how you're pets will let you know you've pissed them off!

  4. This is an awesome project!! Nim's pic is hilarious... I love his expression!

    1. Thanks! I am super excited about this project and the subsequent months. He is the master of faces. :)