Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Random

This was the view of North Bend, from downtown Snoqualmie on Saturday. It pretty much stormed and rained all day in North Bend. I left around noon and didn't return until after 8pm and it was still drenched and dark. It was the right day to just leave town.

Everywhere else was almost too muggy, but at least it wasn't pouring.

I got flowers for myself and a friend at a stand I love supporting.

The stand is right near the tracks and the train runs back and forth all weekend.
In chocolate related news, The Chocolate Shoebox in Seattle is hurting because of the local construction (mom and I ran into this construction during our Yarn Tour although we got in and out of the area pretty well). If you are in the Seattle area consider visiting their store or you might even want to do some ordering online.

After Snoqualmie I headed into Bellevue and walked between the Lake Bellevue area and Wilburton Park.
Lake Bellevue is a man-made lake completely encircled with businesses and condos. I like to walk the business boardwalks.

Unfortunately once we got out of the Lake Bellevue area and headed more towards Wilburton the sun REALLY broke out and it was actually miserable for both of us. There was just no shade or relieve and the pavement was really radiating the heat.

Still better than the North Bend downpour!

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