Saturday, June 9, 2012


I think I was waiting for this break before last quarter ever started.

 I am actually going to try out something a little new for me over the week and just have goals/tasks for the break rather than daily checklists.

I tend to take it hard sometimes when my day to day isn't getting accomplished I think trying out goals over a couple of weeks might be good for me (I did have to limit the list however - it quickly got out of hand).

 I am not even a car person, but I had to take photos of these cars at the Outlet Mall this week. (Can you tell it is raining...hard?)

I actually really wanted to photograph the group of drivers but it would have been rude. There was just something about their "group-ness." I was actually drawn to them first and then I noticed the cars.

For your planning information:

Benefits, Saturday, June 16th:

Relay for Life North Bend Bake Sale and Garage Sale. I will be baking for this one and thanks to my sister and mom I have garage sale contributions. You will see more posts on this obviously because of the baking...including dog treats.

Auto Angels Auto Show. An auto show would be a personal nightmare for me. But so many people love them and I think what Auto Angels does is super admirable. If you are in the Bellevue area, consider supporting them.

 Sewing Events:

Dresden Quilting Challenge. Oh, how I wish I had never heard of you. Now I spend even more time per day - hoping quilting blogs - stunned by the ideas and creativity out there. And yes, if I get taken with it, I might do my own project.

Purse Palooza. This is possibly worse than the Dresden Challenge which is funny considering my appalling lack of fashion. However, quilting sorts of people tend to take purses and bags to an entirely different level and once again I actually have a time situation thanks the blog hopping.

Blogs of travel:

Obviously I am a dedicated Vogelstar reader and actually learning so much about Japan that it makes me want to visit which I never would have thought about that country. I can't believe how much I am drawn to the video to get a feeling of Japan.

The other day, off a quilting site (go figure) came this:

Africa Journals. Scroll down to the bottom to start the journal. I had to quickly close the site due to all the sitting I was already doing thanks to the quilting hops. I am not far into this journal.

Should I ever take up traveling you to may be subject to my handwriting because I love this format so much. My day to day journals are sort of already laid out like this including cut-outs and images (although no where near as interesting or pretty). I love the visual.

I finally got this quilt sandwiched for quilting. Since it is apparently never going to stop raining the quilting projects might be the main things that get done on my list.

This quilt is number 2 on my "Break List" (number 1 being the Tova shirt of course). The backing is another panel of that flannel I was given and it just barely, BARLEY large enough. But it will work.


  1. love the colours of the quilt.
    loooove the cars, there is something so twenties gangster about those black ones.
    about tasks/ goals, I completely understand. I am the queen of procrastinating but then I may have a day where I just can't take it anymore so I go on a task completing rampage. those are great days

    1. Aren't those cars something else? I wish it hadn't been raining so damn hard, but seeing a row of those cars (and you totally get the feeling of them - and I LOVE the 20s) and then the modern (and somewhat ugly) outlet mall. It was really striking.

      Task completing rampage...LOL. I like that.

  2. Wish I had known about the cars, I could have brought "Litl 65" out to show off ;) Or was it year specific vintage cars?

    1. You know I don't know about the years to be honest (it was raining so hard that I was actually in my own car taking those photos). They seemed to be more similar in style however and I didn't notice a mustang for example.

  3. I like that you are doing dog treats for the Relay for Life bake sale! It seems every weekend at the grocery store I have run in to a RFL bake sale and walked away with goodies that my waistline certainly does not need! I wish these ones had doggie treats so that I could pick up some for Oakley while helping out such a great cause!

    1. Thanks! I actually agree with dog lovers like to treat our dogs, often more than ourselves and right now there are a lot of benefits out there.

      My team has a crazy amount of bakers on it too and it occurred to me I could fill a different niche.