Friday, June 1, 2012


It is the start of a new to guess the weather? If you guessed dark and rainy you would be correct. Today will be a baking day.
These photos are from last night and especially for Cindy.

For Nim's birthday she gave us "Balance" which is a doTERRA essential oil blend and dog treats of course! :) She is really knowledgeable in the essential oils and all I had to do was mention this one I had smelled and she knew exactly what blend I meant.

It is a smell I am crazy about, which for me says a lot. I like to mix it with a little bit of Jojoba Oil and use it on Nim. 

Yesterday Nim ended up with a strange walk that was suspiciously like a pad injury (yet again). I wanted to go over all his rear-end and legs to check everything out. This was progress for us as he tends to be OK around the neck and head but gets all silly with the really muscle bound areas.

He really started to relax into it - although it took us awhile to get there.

It is helpful for me to learn about where his tight areas area and I love tracing down each muscle.

Dobermans in my experience just tend to not have very loose bodies and he is SO intense in everything he does I bet his muscles are pretty tight and tired most of the time.

Everything points to this one toe - it was the single area I could get a response and a strong one at that with much less pressure compared to the other toes.

He has done far worse damage to his pads (more than once) so I would guess he is bruised around the area from how he was acting.

(Yet another reason this will be a baking day - since he has to stay pretty physically quiet).

Nim was totally relaxed at the end. He did a good job trusting and tolerating me.

Have a great day everyone! Think sewing wishes for me! I got lost in this other sea of sewing blogs last night - so inspiring.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh thanks. :) It was good for both of us.

  2. someone is milking it :)

    1. HA! Actually MAYBE at the end, and trust me, dobermans are pros at that, but in the beginning he wasn't all that thrilled with me. He was all melodramatic about wanting to just chew his bone and hang with his kitty. :)

  3. oh but isn't that what life is about? :)

  4. Yes. That is why we can learn SO much from dogs. :)