Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Overtired Wednesday

Yesterday was self-designated writing day. I had got to the point in which writing was going to be the best way for me to deal with the data and the notes.

Papers to the right:
Papers to the left:
Believe it or not, those piles are actually organized. There is also dog paw prints on them. The writing stage made for a late night which would be fine if I would sleep in. But I don't and was up around 5am this morning.

Thankfully there was a new recipe to greet me for Brownie Batter Frozen Yogurt. I ended up making my own "yogurt" first:

This is a vanilla mousse/yogurt recipe that I make constantly. I usually do 2 teaspoons of vanilla and one unpacked tablespoon of brown sugar and it is perfect for me. I know it isn't really yogurt though which is fine.

I made about 1 cup of that (one batch) and then used it as the base for the Brownie Batter Frozen Yogurt recipe. So I roughly cut the rest of the ingredients by 1/3. I went heavy on the chocolate, light on the sugar but it was still more than sweet enough for me.

It was incredible.
So my next book club book is:
Initially I would say this isn't a book I would be interested in, however I do remember reading an excerpt from "The Year of Living Biblically" (I still need to read that one) and finding it very funny. So now I am looking forward to this book and hoping it is funny. You have to assume at some point he attempts to go vegan right?!

A friend of mine is in line for a German Shepherd puppy so Nim and I went shopping today.

The two time I have brought home a baby dog I have always got a blanket before the puppy comes home, slept with the blanket and then sent it to the puppy home so the puppy (and his family smells) can sleep with it.

I have no idea if it does anything. But my hope is that my scent gets to the puppy and then when the puppy comes home, the scent from that puppy's home will come with it on the blanket (if you have ever dealt with a baby dog's first nights away from its family you will know exactly how painful that can be).

I finally even did some sewing today - boring as it looks. I am piecing together batting for a quilt that I need to finish. I didn't want to chance any more complex projects until I get more sleep.


  1. Nim looks overly excited to read this book ;)

    1. I know. I think he is worried about me. Notice I made sure to put it right next to the dessert recipe. :)

  2. wow, that's exactly how my floor used to look when I was in school - organized chaos.
    ps, that is a very sweet idea with the blanket, I'm sure it does make a difference, animals are sensitive to scents that way

    1. Yesterday was a relief because I gathered piles and vacuumed.

      I really do think the blanket thing helps. And it is fun for me to do as well. There is so much apprehension waiting for that new puppy to come home.

  3. That's exactly how my papers look when I'm writing a paper!!! :) Love it! That dessert looks incredible too! Now I'm hungry!

    1. I actually thought of you because by the time it was frozen, blended, and absolutely buried in everything I dumped on it, it was kind of like a froyo experience. :)