Saturday, June 30, 2012

Super Troopers Bake Sale

Today was our second bake sale and it was another good day. The serious rain even held off until we were packing up.

Since I didn't make anything gluten-free this time naturally several people asked. :)

Nim supervised from the car:

Cute little white guy with a very loving human:

Sweet Dixie the Cattledog:

Lucy is a recent "Pit" rescue. She is actually a Pit-Pointer cross which makes for a nice body structure and beautiful markings. She loves her kids. This family actually came two weeks ago the day before they were going to pick her up. The mom is in recovery from uterine cancer and has 3 young kids. She has one of those smiles you can't stop staring at.

This little Yorkie is an Ace Hardware regular:

He has an entire arsenal of tricks to work the employees.

Including "Playing Dead."

This is beautiful Husky despite being full of  the puppy-ness had a really nice personality. I don't know the breed really well, but most of the Huskies I have been around are fairly skittish so it was nice to see an easy-going one. He wanted to surf the table. :)

As I write this the fireworks are going like crazy. The reservation in town got a permit last year to sell fireworks so the large booming ones have greatly increased out here. The missing dog posters started multiplying about 2 days ago. Always a hard time for the pups and frankly this human isn't a huge fan herself. :)

I hope everyone had a great Saturday.

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