Saturday, June 23, 2012


When the rain surprisingly let up I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Meadowbrook Farm has been a bit of a community project for both North Bend and Snoqualmie and while I have watched the changes I haven't really explored the area.

It was an area I had driven by while charging up the truck. I definitely needed somewhere new to go today. Also, from what I could see of the trails they were relatively flat and the area seemed pretty empty.

Mt. Si is in the background of the Interpretive Center:

Unfortunately they still have some trail work so when we got to this bridge and I saw the muddy mess on the other side we got out on the road until we could get back on a decent path.

This section was paved:

It is right next to a golf course which Nim found distracting. Although not as distracting as the ridiculous amount of low flying birds that flew in tight circles around us.

By the time I turned back the herd was moving through.

They spotted us although we were considerably far away. I have a ton of respect for elk and didn't go to close into their space. I can spend hours watching them.

Nim also spotted them and dropped to my side.

Heading back for the car we saw this big bull again. He also saw us and it was a little unsettling when he started running towards the trail I was on.

He is crossing in front of the Interpretive Center:

That gravel is the path I am standing on with Nim:

He crossed the path (very aware of us) and slowed once he was on the pavement:

This must be his favorite crossing spot. Then he went over a low fence and into more swamp area.


  1. How pretty!! I wish I could go on walks with you and chat! :)

  2. Good morning Brittany! That is so nice of you to say. :) We had more miserable weather and rain this weekend than nice, but the nice moments were really nice.

  3. wow, that place is delightful to look at. I love the picture of Nim on the bridge - that tree on the right is very pretty

    1. I am glad you caught that tree! I wanted to feature it more but between the mud and Nim we just got out of there. :)