Friday, July 20, 2012

Grand Prospect

After a melodramatic weather morning, when things finally started to slow down around noon I started thinking I should get out for a quick hike.

About an hour later I still couldn't make up my mind (I was in a weird "I don't want to hike but I need a hike mood") and went to Rattlesnake like I always do but decided I had time to go to Grand Prospect (I often will turn around at Stan's Overlook when I am in a time crunch).

There is a distinct vegetation change as you leave Stan's Overlook and start to commit to continuing up.

You leave the more recently logged:

And starting heading into mature second growth:

By the way, as we gained elevation it finally became less muggy. It only took me about a mile in to really be glad I did the hike and most of it I truly enjoyed. I was over-tired and my ankle still isn't working great but it was such a nice day.

Notice Nim's stance, his ears, his general "I am going to die" demeanor on this bridge:

The bridge was rock stable, maybe a foot off the ground, and he totally hated it.

After that he wouldn't be agreeable on my next photo. Can you find his rear?

As we were nearing the top it was totally in the clouds.

Try as he might, Nim couldn't find the sun.

In fairness, of all the times I have done this hike, I can think of maybe 2 in which it wasn't totally or partially clouded in (this was pretty thick today however).

I have much better luck at actually being able to see something at this point either in the freezing winter or a full moon night hike...or a punishing combo of both.

I actually considering continuing on, but Nim gave me the face and I knew he was right.

I got one sort of sunny photo in the "flowers" with Fuller Mountain in the back. Fuller is one of my favorite places.

Shortly after this photo we were either in rain or thick clouds that were heavily misting - it was hard to tell. 

I cooked up those dog pizzas I got at the farmer's market. Considering how long it has been since I have been around a true gourmet cheese pizza even I was overwhelmed with how good they smelled.

Nim was ready and waiting.


  1. Looks like you and Nim had a nice hike (except for that really scary bridge). I hope he enjoyed his gourmet pizza.


  2. I get like that too where I know I should do a hike or bike or walk etc. because I am always happy I did. Today I was a bit lazy and yesturday was a full day so we did a leisurely walk and came back, it was really humid anyways

    1. I know. Sometimes I just remind myself that I can always start and stop whenever. Dogs are very good at getting you out even if you would rather hang and be lazy. :)