Monday, July 2, 2012

Nim's Grammy and One Thing One Week Challenge

Good Monday to everyone. I think Nim and I must have slept exceptionally bad. I look more drained than normal and he is laying next to me right now in an intense dream that is causing him to kick his chew bone. It is making a strange noise.

But I do love Mondays. They are a fresh start.

Yesterday I took Nim down to his breeder to pick up some food (she gets a great deal) and let him hang out with his Grammy.

She was more playful than last time because she is feeling good. Also this time he didn't clip her rear-end running around like a mad man resulting in the Grammy smack-down. :) She is very good for him. 


His cousins that live next door came to check him out.

Nim's Grammy is a very sweet dobie with a fabulous sense of humor. I love being around her.

The cousins and Grammy engaged in an extended stalking game. Nim was confused by the rules of the game so he just ran around.

Amy's Creative Side

This week I have decided to commit that Tova shirt to the One thing One Week Challenge. I think I can finally sew again (it was totally bothering my ankle so I had to give up last week). This is a very full week, so I may not make this challenge, but it is worth a try.

No sewing today however: it will be extensive baking to get things in the mail tomorrow. I am gathering strength as we speak to get out the door for last minute supplies.

I hope everyone has a great week planned!


  1. Looks like Nim had fun playing with Grammy and the cousins.


    1. He totally does. I am pretty careful what dogs I allow him to play with so it is nice to have a few places he can just hang out with another dog.