Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Homework Break

Time for a homework break.

This past week I may have not accomplished my Tova Shirt goal for the "One Week One Thing" challenge, but it was a ridiculously busy week and weekend all the same.

Check out some of the project submissions from that challenge! There was some beautiful work happening.

Saturday was my first Relay for Life participation. Each team sets up a tent in the center area. It was a beautiful sunny day. It was also an unforgiving sunny day depending on your need for shade. There was actually a very nice breeze most of the day.

Each team has to sponsor an activity on the hour. For example one team did yoga. I went back and forth on being supportive and my inability to like yoga despite repeated attempts. In my opinion it was too warm to move slowly and hold poses in a field. I opted to keep walking.

Our team obviously did Putt Putt. Awesome sign by the team leader's cute daughter.

In the end I loved the people on my team and I think that the community aspect of this event is very important to a lot of people.

If you live in WA state you know the term "Downwind Family" as it applies to the Hanford Nuclear Site. It was interesting listening to a member of a downwind family talk about their history (she has taken charge of documenting the cases in her family which sadly was no small task).

This is probably the first time I have been on a walk alone since Nim came into my life.

The power went out this morning so much of my reading happened outside. Not a bad deal. Nim laid close for awhile:

Then he moved out in the yard for a new view point.

Then under the table to cool off. I always think he looks ridiculous, but he loves it under there. He just doesn't fit as well anymore:

You can tell by his ears that he knows I am laughing at him and his "built" dobie rear-end. Seriously, the photo doesn't do it justice.

Good thing he is a dog and male because he doesn't seem to care that I tease him about his giant backside all the time. :)

I hope everyone is having a great week. By the end of this day I will be sweating and there will be no relief in either of my houses and yet I still prefer this weather to the cold and damp which dominates most of the months out here unfortunately.

Back to homework.


  1. That relay for life sounds so fun. It looks so pretty there!!! :) I much prefer heat to cold anyday!

    1. Oh me too (on the heat). I think it would be hard with what you are experiencing though because I am such an out-doors person.

  2. what a fine backside it is!
    I love when dogs don't realize their true size ( like little dogs barking at big ones or big dogs trying to squeeze into your lap)

  3. RFL sounds like it was fun. I participated once when I was in college. My team (my college soccer temmates) and the summer league baseball team was in charge of scooping ice cream for an hour in the early evening. I wish there had been an "activity" each team was in charge of!

    1. I think the activity aspect had great potential. There was one team that was all high schoolers and they were advertising that you could donate for them to run a lap. :) They were really getting into it. So there is a lot of potential for creativity.

      Even I would have loved to have run some stretching...I would have done it right on the track. I think the bodies needed it. A handful of us that did a lot of walking actually started switching direction after a few hours. I think we must have all run track in high school and all of us could feel the loop-sided hip. :)