Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whidbey Island - Langley

I will admit I was a little bummed to leave The Putney Woods but I decided to make the most of it.

Nim pretty much didn't stop talking from the Saratoga parking lot all the way into Langley (this was about a 15 minute drive but still...). I pulled over to park and he was repeatedly nosing the cooler. I don't know how he knew but I had got us a bagel. Peanut butter for me and goat cheese for him.

Goat cheese must be magical because he was considerably more calm and content after his lunch.

In between the rain we watched some divers get ready to go in.

Compared to last time he was exposed to both tides and the ocean, he was a lot more interested (as compared to freaked) this time around. There are barnacles all over the rocks on these beaches so we didn't walk the actual beach much.

Every Friday during the summer there is sort of an artist street fair (some produce is sold as well). We didn't stay long because I had to deal with a Friday night ferry and traffic. To be honest I considered just finding a place to stay the night but had too much waiting for me back at home (this is what happens when you don't plan).

So we headed home. Other than checking out surroundings on the ferry again, I could hear him snoring most of the drive home.

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