Friday, July 6, 2012

Restless Friday

I got going early this morning. I had a tight schedule before Friday traffic and the "heat" really hit. I have no working air conditioner in my car and the forecast was for 80 today.

80 is fine for me, hard on the pup.

Today I tried Delights and Delectables Blueberry Buckwheat Yogurt Muffin Recipe. I haven't done a Buckwheat recipe in years. I really do love the flavor. These little guys were wonderful!

Once again I just did the make my own "yogurt" option. I have actually tried the So Delicious Greek Style Yogurt and really didn't like it. I have never had real Greek yogurt before and I do hear a lot of vegan's enjoying it so it is probably more my taste preference.

I added the Sam-ripe bananas (not brown at all) to the processor with the tofu mix and that was actually really good. I could have just eaten that.

Unfortunately I forgot to add the sugar to the banana-yogurt part (I used brown sugar). So I added it to the flour which is fine but the buckwheat tends to clump quickly with any moisture and I think the sugar would have been more even with the banana. Considering I almost forgot the sugar entirely at least it made it in at all.

Very good quick and easy recipe for a hot day!

I have a small elk family that is establishing routine in my yard right now. I always get a little jealous of my neighbor's large open field that the elk sometimes will graze for extended periods meanwhile only using my yard more for moving through.

Well this year is different - I appear to be a nursery. All the trees that have come down in the storm are finally serving a purpose.

What that tough guy is keeping tabs on is two little babies still with their spots. They are actually behind him playing in the fallen trees. They are so fun to watch. They actually play with each other like dogs, they get stuck in bushes, and somewhat melodramatically seem to throw themselves down when they are pooped.

Unfortunately he stood up whenever I tried to get a good angle on them. Not only did I not want anyone running and getting hurt, but frankly I didn't want to get charged.

So I waited.

Eventually the females returned and then everyone scooted across my yard. This was about the best photo I could get.

Have a great weekend.


  1. The heat is pretty bad up here too. Because I get migraines and bad allergies during the humidity, I'm forced to spend many summer days indoors, like the bubble boy. Not fun.

    You are so lucky to see that sort of wild life right outside your door, we get to catch glimpses of squirrels and maybe the odd racoon that tosses our garbage cans

    1. Hello!

      That is terrible the heat impacts you so bad. Meanwhile I am thinking I might have to be one of those people that moves during the winter. You might need to move during the summer!

      I am really lucky. Sometimes I measure how "off" I am by whether or not I am enjoying the wilderness and wildlife around me. It can be as simple as how it smells in the morning (often like camping too me).

  2. I'm so glad your muffins turned out! I need to make your yogurt! :) It has been over 100 degrees here for the past 3 weeks! We are dying!

    1. They came out wonderful and it is a great base for other options if I want.

      OK, even a heat lover like me knows that over 100 for 3 weeks isn't enjoyable and frankly not easy on our body.

  3. Hmmm good to know about the So Delicious Greek Yogurt. I've never tried the dairy or non-dairy stuff, so I'm nervous about buying it. I do love their regular coconut yogurt, though! The vanilla flavour is awesome.
    So cool that you saw the Elk in your yard! We have two families of deer running around- two mamas & four babies now :) I love being so close to nature <3

    1. It seems to be a really individual thing. Most people have really liked it. Just not me. :) The funny thing is that overall I eat more "yogurt" now as a vegan. When I wasn't vegan I actually didn't like it much.

      I love it too. I always remind myself how lucky I am...even when I am cranky in the winter.