Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Storm

Good morning!

This photo was taken yesterday, while I was doing homework on Mercer Island and waiting for a chance to train Nim. The afternoon training is not to be confused with the AM training in which I totally messed up the time and arrived at the end of class. I almost crying in frustration over missing it and Nim complained about it most of the drive home. Ugh.

He handled laying next to me and doing nothing semi-well.

Last night was constant thunderstorms. I gave up "sleeping" around 6am. Whatever. If only I didn't actually need it right? I decided to drop all day trip options and focus on homework and stuff around the house today. It is currently dark and absolutely pouring. The cats are under the bed.

I am in preliminary planning (the step right beyond daydreaming) for a small road-trip after summer quarter. It is keeping me energized with something to look forward to especially on rainy dark days like these.

An article earlier in the week was about this cause:

Climb for Casen

It is hard to put impact of the news story into words. It is hard any time you have to read about a very young child living with any sort of pain. I don't know Hunter but I am really proud of him.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I am going to try and do another Rally fun match on Saturday and then Sunday is Walk for Old dogs.


  1. Please send some of that rain our way. Our once lush landscape is withering away. Have fun at the Rally match and the Walk for Old Dogs (what a great cause). If you ever get a chance to go see Ricky Tims do it. It was the best weekend ever!


    1. Morning Cindy! I was literally just writing to a friend of mine that I do wish we could send some of this storm to the drought states which I am very concerned about.

      I know a lot of the country is sweltering right now. I am still recovering from our winter, but if I was baking in one 100+ degree day after another I know it would be hurting in an entirely different way.

  2. there is something delishious about those dark rainy days - unless you had alot of stuff to do outside of the house. Where are you thinking of taking your road trip?

    1. Actually it really wasn't too bad because it made me focus heavy on the homework.

      I am leaning now down the Oregon Coast and into Northern CA. I will know better in a few weeks how much time I can be away. I have probably ideas in all directions but I am taking into account the higher mileage on my car and what will be probably the most easy and cheap planning-wise.