Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whidbey Island - Mukilteo Ferry Ride

If I don't break up my Friday adventure to Whidbey Island into multiple blog posts it will just be too long and photo heavy.

I woke up Friday morning in a total need for a quick get-away. I have got a lot of flak over the years for my last minute lack of planning adventures. There are some things that would have gone better had I planned this one, but it still turned out OK.

Nim was all for my lack of planning until we got into Issaquah and the hail, thunder, and lightening started.

Even I considered changing my mind. I knew that fixing the air conditioner was a sure fire way to end Seattle summer.

My new "plan" was to head north to the ferry, and if the thunder and lightening hadn't ceased I would come up with a new plan. If nothing else we had the food part set.

As it turned out Mukilteo wasn't too too bad and we got on the ferry. Nim has never been on one before.

He did some people and water watching.

I did some homework (part of my compromise for blowing off the day - nice that I selected quite possibly the shortest ferry route ever).

We met a cute little dog named LuLu (clearly an experienced ferry traveler) and shared some of Nim's PowerPup Nutritional Bars from the Farmer's Market last night which probably was her caloric allowance for the day.

Then Nim became acquainted with the ferry birds.

He growled. He tried to reason. He got a little scared.

We landed on Whidbey Island which was threatening and dark (but not raining) and headed towards Langley and The Putney Woods.


  1. I love ferries. There aren't enough of them around where I live

    1. I actually enjoy them too. I caught myself researching the ferry from Bellingham to Alaska but there is no way I would leave him down in the car like that.

      There are these crazy small (like three car) ones in more the Eastern WA area.

  2. While I was in a tiny town in Quebec a few years back with my friend, my gps took us to the edge of water and said "board ferry"
    at first we freaked out but then we just went for it. We drove on and walked around the other 5 cars - one of which was a VW hippy van. When we arrived at the other side we discovered the cutest little town with food stands and cute glad we dared to try the ferry

    1. OK, this is the second time someone has said something intriguing to me about Quebec in about a week. I need to stock that one up to a later adventure!