Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another dark day

Last night as I finished off another box of Chez Gourmet Oregon Harvest patties I realized I really need to consider making my own. I love the brand and love supporting the company. It just goes to show that if a company makes it a priority to make healthy frozen food it actually can happen, but these are ranging between $5 - $7/box. And currently I am on the roughly a one a day habit. :)

Tammy's Recipes Blog has been reminding me of where some of my frugal eating options are which is good. Granted she is raising a lot of kids and has to deal with different meal goals and variety. However her site did remind me of The Everything Beans Book which I own and love using. So early this morning it was time to start the black beans soaking. My plan for them is hopefully some sort of vegan patty to off-set my Chez Gourmet addiction, possibly soup, and OK...I am totally attracted to the notion of black bean chocolate brownies. I suspect I will need more beans.

So many soup recipe options right now! For Christmas I received "Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons" by Nava Atlas which I look through pretty much every night. I haven't tried a recipe yet but I think I will back into making and freezing soups.

You might think Nim never leaves his pillow but trust me he does. Admittedly right now in the dark rotten weather he and I are driving each other nuts! It is absolutely pouring.

Despite my complaining about the Mystery Quilt 2012 discussion boards I am still using them. It has been fun to see what other people are selecting and the advice I got was just to leave fabric 1 and 2 in strips for now which I will. My friend Cindy is going to do the challenge too! So we will e-mail back and forth and compare progress and results which will be a lot of fun.

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