Thursday, December 29, 2011

Black Bean Patties

Today marks day 4 of no working toilet in my main house. I have one in a detached office. Having burned out all "cheap" solutions and the extent of my knowledge (aka internet research) I had to call for repair.

Unfortunately I didn't catch the cats first. Now they could have stayed in my bedroom area, but in the panic they ran towards the noise and up the rafters not only spooking the repair person but placing them too close to the only door in the house, which was being opened and closed repeatedly.

I decided it was best I stay down and cook so I could keep an eye on the cat situation. I decided to try Vegan Black Bean Burgers from the Daily Garnish. However due to extreme laziness, I changed much of the recipe to reflect what was around the house and personal taste. As I write this, they are entering in double the cooking time because they will not firm up.

As you can see I substituted broccoli and mushrooms for two carrots. Does that look like the veggie equivalent of two carrots? Who knows. I substituted walnuts for pumpkin seeds. And I disregarded pretty much all the spices except for my own addition of garlic powder (1tsp), salt and pepper. And then, possibly the real problem, I added water to encourage the ingredients to combine. And possibly over-processed?

I will say the batter tastes wonderful! I would use it as a dip. Will they ever cook through enough to use? I don't know. They are vegan so it doesn't much matter if they are soft because there is nothing in them that you have to bake enough to kill bacteria. At least I don't think so. Basically, I will eat them anyway. And this is why I rarely cook for others. :)

In exciting Mystery Quilt news! Due to International participation she will be releasing instructions after midnight East Coast Time! This means if I am still up, and sometimes I am, I could at least look at the instructions a bit.

Off to check the burgers...

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