Friday, December 23, 2011

A Lazy Friday

My goal for the Christmas weekend is to be as unscheduled and undemanding on myself as possible. I even had a plan laid out in case I didn't sleep again last night - which means naturally I did.

I shocked myself and Nim today by going for a little hike. Today I could have easily spent most of my time knitting and/or baking.

It was in-between rain "events" and I told myself that I would only go until
a. started pouring, or
b. I lost motivation.

The rain held off, but you can see we are totally clouded in. AND if I go out with friends tonight I know Nim will do better spending hours in the house with no stimulation because he got to burn off a bit.

In news regarding the the Solstice: the 21st may have actually been the shortest day. The entire thing is confusing to me. Regardless, I can say with absolutely happiness that at least one or two days ago, we passed the shortest day of 2011.

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