Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fabric Selection - Mystery Quilt 2012

Above is my numbered fabric choices as closely as I understand the instructions.

Fabric 2 is going to give me a little problems because in order to make the correct amount of 2.5 * 16.5 bars I am going to have to piece some scraps together. Right now fabrics 1 and 2 are still just in long strips.

Everything else is cut into their proper sized squares. Fabric 3 and 4 were initially selected to make me a skirt. Since that was probably at least 6 years ago I think it is safe to say I won't make the skirt. :)

I really am lacking in "hot" color value fabrics. This isn't really surprising when you consider the color choices I tend towards. Fortunately I had some reds left from various projects. This about cleans me out on reds.

Selecting for 7 was fun. I just stayed dark for the most part and fabric that got along with others.

All my photos seem to make the fabric all look a little more dark and muted than they are. That is OK though. Should be interesting to see if these all work together in the end!

It is pouring rain and dark out. It was a good day to get caught up on work and then finalize for my Mystery Quilt!

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