Friday, December 30, 2011

Stressed Cats and a Touch of Sun

It absolutely poured last night. Just poured. My yard slowly filled. But this morning we have just a touch of sun and I feel so much relief not to be getting soaked. I am wishing with everything that it can hold for the day until after the next repair person leaves. Not just for their sake since they have to dig in the yard, but the it would be great if I could even quickly get the dogs out.

The cats didn't come down from the rafters all night. Dogs are no picnic, but I am less and less of a cat person many days. Especially in a house that they can get away from me with no hope of capture. I got out the wet food early, lured them down, and actually caught them with no blood loss. Neither of them are small and you pretty much have one shot for both of them. For all of our sakes let's hope today is quick. The nice thing is, with them safely caught I can go about my day a little more normal than yesterday.

And since I know you are dying to know. Eventually I pulled the patties because the outsides were getting too well done. I will eat them and I think they are very good but I wouldn't serve them to others. :) Who knows what I did wrong...but it also won't stop me from trying again.

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