Monday, December 19, 2011

Countdown to the Solstice

Nothing pushes my limits more in trying to make a positive day like the the dark and cold of winter. My friend laughs at me because even when we hit December 22 - the shortest day of the year - I still probably have months of painful winter left, but right now I am just ready for us to pass the shortest day of the year!

I doubt Nim cares either way. He just is trying to live with me. :)

Meanwhile I am back on my quilting and knitting to try and make the most of the darkness and be as artistically productive as possible before school starts up again.

I am in the process of sewing the binding as we speak. The quilt is another years-in-the-making project but I am feeling optimistic that this can be done for Christmas!

Project optimism, Next Organics dark chocolate, and 3 more days to the Solstice...I think I can make it. :)

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