Saturday, December 31, 2011

It is a New Year on the East Coast!

It is New Year Day on the East Coast and we are watching for the first installment of the Mystery Quilt instructions.

I have some sugar in my system from birthday cake, but I know that sadly I don't have a lot of energy in me for the night. It isn't that I don't stay up, it is just that I am usually sitting in bed and knitting or working on a puzzle by 9pm. I think even Nim is confused why we are upstairs.

I at least want to see the first release of the instructions. :)

*****9:35 edit*****

OK, I admit, I am already losing steam. :) No instructions are up yet, which is fine, I don't blame her at all, and I have to say I am already thinking about going to bed. This may just have to officially wait to start until later tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to my sister! I loved the reason to make a great cake and hang out!


  1. I'm failing at waiting too. I think she did more than "doze off" LOL. I drew diagonal lines on the back of 24 of the darkest squares and am thinking of drawing lines on one of the others (#3 or #4) perhaps...or maybe not. I think I'm too tired to operate heavy machinery tonight.

    We're having overnight guests...they went over to Alpental to listen to the live band(s) and party. It's too loud and crowded for me. I hope I don't wake them in the morning with my machine, heh.

  2. Oh man. I was out! Too many days of not enough sleep. Honestly I think if I had tried to make it I would have made some mistake. Still fun to try!