Monday, December 19, 2011

Countdown to Solstice - finished quilt

I finally finished my quilt. The pattern is "Akatombo" from the March 2008 Quilters Newsletter.

It actually is supposed to have some "easy" applique in it. The problem being, applique just isn't very easy to me for whatever reason and I end up not really liking what I do. Once I faced reality that I was never going to applique some of the blocks, and that the quilt would be OK without these blocks, I was able to finally bring the quilt together.

Even without the applique is it a nice quilt. None of the fabrics are too bold.
These clouds that will not leave North Bend is probably the reason I have had a low level sore throat and a rough headache for about 4 days. Sunday it actually rained, but not enough to really clear the air I don't think.

When I can muster it up we get out and walk the neighborhoods. I shouldn't complain when it isn't raining or freezing, but it is still dark and dreary and that is hard to motivate in! Only a little longer and we can start lengthening out these days again!


  1. I really like your quilt. I love the woven effect, and the solid blocks make it more interesting. I don't know what the applique was supposed to be, but think you are right that it's lovely as-is. I've saved a copy of the quilt in my "inspirations" file under "strip quilts". I think it would look fabulous in batiks too!

  2. Thank you! It is sad that it was my only quilt for the year! But maybe 2012 will be better. :)