Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Countdown to the Solstice - Surviving Tuesday

Before I could wash the dogs and get my grocery shopping done I had acupuncture. What was amazing was that she right away focused on my calves which have been really bothering me this past month. All the stress I am carrying is drawing all my energy up towards my head leaving my calves with very low energy. She also suggested I switch to black tea for awhile (I have developed a huge green tea habit being back in school). Black tea is more for the winter months while green is more spring/summer. I was actually able to find a little bit on about this online. I wish I knew more about the seasonal influence of what we eat/drink and when we need it.

After relaxing the last thing I wanted to do was wash the dogs and shop but I try to really streamline my trips out of the house. Once I got into the washing it was OK. First Nim...

I bathe the dogs at Le Chic Pet in the Issaquah Highlands. I actually found this place when in desperation I learned that the only self-wash place in North Bend was tubs in an open room. Definitely not an option with Rusty.

I really like the owner at Le Chic Pet - she is a very down to earth and nice woman.

Today we are trying a new shampoo on Nim. I have had luck with Emu oil on all his injuries and I am hoping the shampoo works well. He has a tendency towards dry skin. At least the smell wasn't offensive. Apparently it taste good too because he kept trying to lick it off.

Nim looking clean and angelic:

Rusty I wash last. He is about 30 pounds lighter and more frail and WAY more challenging to wash. We both hate it. He spends the entire time plotting his escape over the edge of the tub. Even Nim isn't so stupid as to think that would be a smart jump and it would hurt Rusty a lot more.

When Rusty isn't plotting his escape he is either people watching out the glass door or he is figuring out the least helpful way he can lock up his body to make the experience as miserable for me as it is for him.

The dog was STINKY! Between the cold, the mud, the accidents, the weekly swimming, being a senior...it had to be done.

Because it actually wasn't raining for long in Issaquah I took a break between stores to get both dogs out quickly. Not a great walk or adventure but at least it was more than was planned for them today.

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