Monday, December 26, 2011

Mystery Quilt

About three years ago I found a New Year's Day Mystery Quilt event but never tried it. I had been sent another one by a friend but it had a ton of applique in it which we all know I won't do. So I began my search from a mystery quilt that is more my style.

The biggest reason I have never done the New Year's Day challenge is because I knew I wasn't going to be home for a large portion of the day. This year is no exception but I am going to go for it anyway. I just will be starting hours behind (even worse since it is on east coast time).

On is the 2012 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt challenge by Janet Wickell. So far my primary complaint is the site. Despite a lot of really good discussion board technology out there they seem to have selected quite possibly the least usable format. I use a lot of discussion boards and I have never been on one so hard to use and navigate.

Today I started laying out my stash to see what I have to meet the requirements. My rules are I will not buy anything new for this quilt and it looks like I can make it work with what I have. I have even started doing some of the cutting.
Nim still doesn't show enough maturity for my sanity, but I was pretty impressed that he has stayed on his bed rather than walking all over my fabric. There is a mature dog in there yet!

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