Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Countdown to the Solstice - Tuesday AM update

I got about 9 hours of sleep last night. It has literally been MONTHS since I have slept that much. I keep trying, but my body and brain just doesn't want to sleep. It is a relief to actually get that much sleep.

I have noticed I am spending a lot of time on a handful of blogs - some helpful and inspiring, some not. I had to put myself on obsession restriction. I always can tell when I am doing more harm than good with my surfing because I feel worse than I already did! :)

So why not be better about updating my own blog?! Especially with things that matter to me. And especially when I have a cute photo of a shirt to post.

Saturday there was rumor of sun in in Seattle and I literally couldn't get out the door fast enough. First I walked Rusty around North Bend so that he could really stick it to all the visitors in town for the Santa Train by walking AS SLOWLY AS POSSIBLE in all the crosswalks. I am that person with the senior dog well behind me. Yup.

Then I loaded up Nim and we headed to the U District. Sidecar For Pigs Peace (lovely vegan store) was having a bake sale benefit for the Pigs Peace Sanctuary. Sun + vegan baked goods = relief for me.

You are looking at the front and back of my newest shirt! I have wanted to buy myself one for years and decided Saturday was the day. It is a nice green color and the pig is so adorable.

Overloaded in sugar, I then thought it would be a good idea to walk Nim around the U Village Mall. It wasn't - although some baffling people watching opportunities. We left the area and got as much sun as we could in the surrounding area before driving back to the darkness that is North Bend.
Today's big plans include Costco and washing the dogs. I didn't have much gifts to wrap this year, but the few I did are now done! (My apologies to my mom who I think is trying to catch up on way too much wrapping detail right now).

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