Saturday, December 31, 2011

Morning Wildlife

Right after I finished my last blog post I was heading down to the main house to check on my stew and noticed the hillside was moving. :) I went back upstairs to get my camera.
I never get tired of the elk in my yard. It is a lucky day today that I got so many of them!

They are so uncooperative about staying in one place for me. I really have to come in quick and quiet and start taking as many photos as possible. Many of the photos will be a blur of large animal running.
Gorgeous animal.
You can't really see, but the one to the front has a tracking collar on.

Yes, that is some of the backhoe. Perhaps they were investigating the changes in my yard.

Now we all know that the "person" most likely to fall in that hole is Rusty. The one that can't read the tape and is below its level anyway.

Since the hole, dirt piles, and equipment are all new he would very much like to run out and mark them. Which I am not letting him do.

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  1. We always look for the elk as we drive to and from work. They're so big and awesome! How lucky you are, indeed :)