Monday, April 16, 2012

"Changing" Promises Monday

Effective this week, I was supposed to rein in all the baking project and instead move them to the weekend as a reward for hard work done. Well it is Monday and already that didn't happen (this is exactly why I don't make rules like this for myself).

But first I dealt with a sidelined knitting project. Nothing like a few hours of school videos that need watching to motivate one to get past the knitting issue. Mission accomplished. Videos watched. Homework submitted.

If I could figure out how to quilt and still learn from videos I would do it. But so far mindless knitting projects are the only thing I can pair with school videos.

As I suspected, with my new self-imposed baking rules, a new recipe showed up this morning that I didn't want to wait all week to try: Mini Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies.

My compromise was to wait until homework was submitted and do a tiny quick batch. I reasoned that that I wanted to test frozen berries instead and I wanted to see if this would be a bake sale contender.

The chocolate I used was some of my New Tree Superfruit chocolate bar chopped up since that was all I had around for now. (It probably goes without saying but I did peanut butter rather than cashew butter).

I am pretty sure the frozen berries are the reason the cookies wouldn't set in the middle. But I need to go out and buy some freeze-dried berries to be sure (darn) and trust me, the taste definitely wasn't impacted.

I also made a decision and sent an e-mail to Sidecar for Pigs Peace to see if they needed any more bakers for their bake sale this weekend. If accepted, I will definitely do the scones, and the coconut cake, and probably these cookies dependent on attempt #2...after I make a trip to the store.

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