Monday, April 2, 2012

Goodbye March!

Time for April. I have a pile of work-work and my new quarter has started but it is a new month.

First, some final March projects. March 31st was baking extravaganza as I was meeting with friends Sunday morning.

I doubled the Copycat Recipe: Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs recipe and did a much more careful coating job. What helped me was Nitrile gloves (a kitchen staple as far as I am concerned). These were successful with the gluten-free eater in the group and anyone who would try them.

Then my version of the Flourless Oatmeal-Raisin cookies, also with the gluten-free in mind. When I make them I used a tablespoon of peanut butter rather than margarine, chocolate chips instead of raisins, and when I make them for me I don't bother with the white sugar at all. For public sharing I added the tablespoon of white sugar as well.

The Daily Garnish scone recipe makes yet another appearance and mine are back to ugly because of a failed attempt at "mini-scone." However they still tasted fine and were appreciated by one on an "omitting sugar" diet. NEXT time I go the "mini-scone" route I will divide the dough into two mini-rounds and cut each up into 8. Rather than one giant round which I attempted to divide into 16. I learn something new every time. When I follow her recipe I omit all the spices and the currants. I use a cup of chopped frozen berries instead.

And finally my standbys that no one can tell are vegan. They are full sugar, white flour and closest to conventional recipes. Makes everyone happy. The oatmeal cookie is from the Quaker Oats lid, the chocolate chip is basically the Toll House recipe, and the peanut butter-chocolate chip is Betty Crocker (I think). All are made with Earth Balance margarine, egg replacer, and Enjoy Life Chocolate chips.

Just looking at this avalanche of baking is relaxing. :)


  1. wow I wish I was there :) they all look so tasty and the Easter eggs look much improved

  2. The eggs REALLY have come along. I was very excited about them and they are so incredibly good.

    Every day now I have to resist parking it in the kitchen and making something. I must be avoiding a lot. :)

    I had to laugh because literally the second I started my first recipe the sun came out (it had been raining all day) but by then I was committed to baking, not being outside, so I just enjoyed it through the window.

  3. mmmm, send some over this way!!!
    I say enjoy the baking while it's fun because there will be times where you can't drag yourself into the kitchen. Or maybe that's just me :)

  4. No, not just you. I go through big stints too in which any creativity in cooking is a chore. I am trying to be better about it.