Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cursed Sock

The amazing thing to me about the problems I am having with this sock (above photo is a HEEL - yes, a pointed heel) is that I have done this pattern before. In fact, I did a full sock pair which means I have done the heel portion twice.

Heel is now pulled back. So much for my "mindless" knitting project.
Meanwhile, yesterday literally alternated between downpour, sun, and rain and sun. Similarly I couldn't seem to make a decision. Eventually Nim made one for me because he is sick of my cutthroat working schedule.
As you can see we mostly got sun on our hike. Occasionally the skies would heavily darken, but the rain didn't really come in again until we were about done.
This photo looks like I am making Nim hang on over the edge. I swear I am not. :)

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