Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pleasant Saturday

Today I "sort of" tried to make coconut butter.

Long story short, nothing happened. I read one comment in which someone ran her processor for about 35 minutes. If my motor burns out I am going to be in crisis. I gave up after about 5 minutes.

I also only tried about 1/4 cup rather than the entire bag. So no coconut butter gained, and no coconut lost.

I chopped up my chocolate from yesterday for one of my recipes today.

I made Fudge Daddies, which came out really well. I did the under-cooking version and put them in the fridge. I did not wait at least 3 hours to eat. Please.

My chocolate chunks went into the latest white bean recipe attempt: Deep Dish Cookie Pie. I reached an important conclusion: this is not as good without the peanut butter. However the chocolate chunks were really superior to plain chocolate chips because of their coconut flavor.

Notice I am getting really good at cutting recipes in to smaller servings. This is a huge advantage for me:

  1. If I don't much care for it, I don't have an entire dessert (and when I hate it, I am not putting an entire dessert in the garbage.
  2. I get to bake more frequently which keeps me content.

Basically nothing I made today could get my mind off the Coconut Cake from yesterday although the Fudge Daddies were pretty darn good and I would make that one again as well. I am actually trying to decide if I do the Coconut Cake for the Sidecar Pigs for Peace vegan bake sale.

Eventually I moved off desserts.

My plan for today was that stroganoff recipe but with tofu. The reason being is that I am trying to duplicate a frozen meal that I like and I realized last time with making my own sour cream that it was coming pretty close.

Meanwhile, while I was cooking, Emile, Leela, and Nim were in negotiations over the main sun spot.
Note Emile on the dog bed, Nim on the floor.

My attempt just didn't quite make it. This was all because I was too lazy to open another tofu package and made the sour cream with about 4oz less tofu than last time so it just wasn't as creamy.

Yes I will still eat it. Yes I will try again. It is so close.

This was a "warm" day for us. This means cat bellies were exposed. Leela (the only female pet right now) is always so modest.

Emile lets it all hang out.