Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Off List Day

Apparently nothing on my check list is getting done today. Specifically my homework. I am getting some things done...just not what I considered a priority for today.

Naturally this included some time in the kitchen. The second I started getting supplies out it stopped raining and the sun came out. The cats fought over the sun spot and finally reached a suitable arrangement.

This is Chocolate-Covered Katie's Graham Cracker recipe. I was contemplating the Whoopie Pie but I have a weird thing about them. I have never tried them before and every time I see one at a bake sale I don't like how they look. I should probably make them just to see how I like my version.

Anyway, Graham Crackers are a bit on my mind due to my cheesecake attempts. I wonder if I could just take the dough from these crackers and line the pie pan with it?

I liked the "crackers" and they ended up making me think of strawberry shortcake instead so I decided to make another round of the vanilla ice cream for a later and greater plan involving berries. I put a full teaspoon of vanilla in this time and it still doesn't seem too strong. We will see when it is frozen.

Next to the ice cream is three-ingredient chocolate recipe from the Homemade Chocolate Bunnies post. Actually, it is more the chocolate coating from the Copy-cat Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs recipe because I didn't read the post carefully and assumed they were the same.

They roughly are. I added peanut butter this time around because I want to see what happens and I have plans for this creation also for later.

The chocolate and the ice cream were initially photographed in the freezer. But then I saw how dirty the freezer was, so guess what I am about to clean now rather than do homework.

After over a year of Gentle Leader use for some reason Nim is suddenly having a reaction. Fortunately I am in the process of working him off of it, but I am still bummed because it can really help me out in some situations. I think this was actually after using it in the rain last week so I will probably start by switching out the moleskin I have on it.

Right now I am treating the area with Emu oil which he actually enjoys. I that that works up into a calming spot for a dog to have oils rubbed in (although in this photo it would appear he is considering his options once I release his snout).


  1. Wow you are on a baking rampage. Keep it up. I also find there are times that my to do list just keeps growing and nothing gets crossed off. When that happens, it's usually because I'm overwhelming myself with too many tasks - many of which really can wait. So as long as I accomplish one thing every day, I feel successful. PS, nice bite out the cookie!

  2. LOL. Yes, and I didn't stop at just that one bite. These cookies were really good with about anything!

    My tasks really are overwhelming me right now. I think that is why the baking rampage is so out of control. There is something very productive about a list that you have to followed and at the end is some beautiful result. :)