Saturday, April 14, 2012

Skagit Roadtrip - more photos

Time to take a break in my Saturday baking experiments and post more photos from yesterday...

The sister and I have been pooling photos. She took the above photo of Nim in Anacortes in case we couldn't figure out how to find the tulips later (considering our misunderstanding of the Quilt Walk we considered it a total possibility).

Nim and I don't normally get photographed together so he was all naughty to have me at his level. This is at the start of the Anacortes walk. These cut-outs were all over town.

Along the Anacortes walk.

At least she got some photos of Nim looking head-on.

I was probably behind her threatening him into a "sit-stay."

This sister did a great job getting me out the door after a really long week. She always understands me cancelling on her from schoolwork as she is in school full-time to be a teacher. She will be done with her schooling by June and I am really pulling for her that she gets a full-time job right away.

A nice close up daffodil shot she took.

And for course...



  1. Love the photos. I never realized alpacas were so furry!

  2. I know! That is actually the most full I have ever seen them as well. I think I often see them after shaving.