Sunday, April 22, 2012

Maynard and Gus - Piglets!

This weekend ended up being a two-trip-to-Seattle weekend.

I had to go back out to Sidecar today to see the piglets. They were such cuties.

Little Gus is the smaller of the two piglets.

Maynard is laying more in the background with Gus towards the front.

They were super social and curious.

Nim and I walked through the UW campus and down to the waterfront/Arboretum area.

Grouchiest turtle ever. He actually looked indignant.

To Nim this is "hot" weather as we have finally gone about 60 degrees so he was willing to enter the water. Right or wrong I also let him drink it and I can hear his stomach right now so hopefully it will not be a long night.


  1. You got a pin for donating baked goods to the sale?
    Cute piggies!

  2. Yes! I got a pin. :) Which is now on the visor of my car.

  3. I have a legitimate phobia of pigs. they are terrifying!

  4. Hello Meg!

    I do make it a policy not to laugh at other people's phobias due to my ridiculous ones (including spiders - and lets face it, a pig could do more damage than a spider). :)

    I hope you quickly moved on to a different post of mine and got away from the pigs. Fortunately this is mostly a blog of dobermans. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, even with the pigs.

  5. Hmmm that peanut butter coconut spread sounds interesting. I think you're right, it would probably be a great sauce for a stir fry!

    1. Yes, it is a great idea, and I love peanut butter and coconut in combo generally, but after playing with it for about a week I doubt it is something I will buy again. I think honestly it is because it is sweetened.

      Thanks for stopping by!