Monday, April 9, 2012

Pacific Fabrics Quilt Show

The voting started on April 1st for the Pacific Fabric From Your Hands Quilt Show. The closest Pacific Fabrics to me is in Bellevue but it is far enough in that it took me awhile to have an errand that would get me back into the area.

Check out the graph quilt in the above photo!
I had a great time seeing my quilts displayed for the first time ever and checking out other people's projects. The quilt above and left was one of my favorites. I really liked the colors in the above right quilt.
The above left quilt had Guinevere as part of its title (I can't remember the rest). I loved the lime green in its neighbor quilt.
The above left quilt reminds me of the color explosion I have going on in my current quilting project. You would think it would be too much but it actually works.
Love the snakes. LOVE them.
OK, it was a little funny to see my somewhat unrefined baby quilt (which by the way has found a really exciting home after this show is over - one of those "we weren't able to get pregnant miracles." Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple) right next to an super elegant one.
And look at that - my other one is so big they had to fold it! I laughed about that because that darn Mystery Quilt kept growing and growing as I was making it!
It was great to see my quilts displayed for my first quilt show ever! Definitely a fun opportunity.

I wish I had time to go to all the shops and see what people are submitting. It is a great way to get some new ideas. Since Pacific Fabric has a blog going I was hoping they would blog quilt show submissions, but no such luck.


  1. BTW, Will liked your big quilt best before he even knew it was yours! :)

  2. Wow, those are some gorgeous patterns. I will admit that I never really thought twice about how special a quilt could be before discovering your blog, but I must say, that I am impressed now. I hope you keep posting about your quilts and maybe I will order one from you one day soon :)

  3. What a comment to wake up to! :) Well, in all seriousness I am not really anywhere near the professional quilter quality to make them for sale, but that is a nice thought.

    These days I actually am back on thinking how fun it would be to teach kids to sew (kind of that school-age range).

    Even someone like me, who really enjoys quilting myself can see many quilts in the world that really don't "grab" me. But when you go to a quilt show (especially with the more hobby-level quilters) I can often really see their passion in their work and that inspires me. Even if I don't like the design or the color.