Monday, April 2, 2012


It is an unexpected nice day today so we took a quick hike at the Winery. My plan was to make it to Stan's Overlook, take a couple of photos and get back home to finish work.

We got to the Overlook and you can see the snow is almost gone, but it was occupied by a teenage brother and sister (turned out I had passed the mom on the way up).

Now the teenage boy especially found Nim funny and Nim was eating it up. Nim started working his audience and basically short circuited making it impossible to get one decent photo. I would say the boy was about 15. I think they were communing on a level I couldn't relate to.

By the time the mom showed up Nim was completely blowing me off and it was time for us to get moving again. I couldn't even be annoyed with the family because they were so nice. To most people Nim is "goofy" (I believe that is what the daughter called him) to me he is an extreme exercise in patience.

We went down a level and actually got a decent photo. This is in the area that had over 2 feet of snow maybe a couple of weeks ago?

Amazing to see sun. I actually wasn't in the mood to hike at all today but at this time of year I usual regret it if I don't get out on the few nice days we have.

I wish I could say this hike wore Nim out, but even I could tell when I started heading down that I hadn't touched what he needed to do today. I just couldn't give up several hours this time.

(And yes, he has his Easter bandanna on...I will get a better photo of it later).


  1. It takes a lot to get me out sometimes too. For instance, today my friend wants to go hiking again and I'm thinking of excuses not to go but I think I will just suit up and do it and I know that I will be happy I did. PS, gorgeous mountain views you have there, wow!

  2. I hear you. Some days it takes a huge amount of self-talk to get out the door...and I hike a lot!

    Some days it just takes a really badly behaved dog. :)

    And yes, I am super lucky where I live. Basically I am at the base of a mountain pass. It means I get a ton more rain and wind but it also can mean some beautiful days and some really amazing views.