Friday, April 20, 2012

Sidecar Baking Day - AM Post - aka "Dark Shadows" Post

This is what was supposed to happen this morning:

  • I was supposed to wake up to dry weather and do a sunrise hike.
  • I would print some baking labels.
  • I would buy some stickers (preferably in a pig theme) to attach my labels to my treat bags.
  • And if I still had time I might do some work, some sewing and some knitting.

This is what actually happened this morning:

  • I woke up at 4am because if possible, it was raining harder than last night. For those of you who know North Bend you might be asking yourself why I live here given how much rain it gets. I ask myself this same question often.
  • I attempted to try and go back to sleep. Gave up at 6am. It was (is) still dark and pouring.
  • Tried several times to put on a favorite bracelet that has a hard clasp. Gave up. Went to Power Minis (it is a 2 Power Mini day).
  • Somehow all my quilt squares ended up on the floor and mixed up...

Nim swears he didn't do it.

To turn this morning around:
  • I have embraced my work (clearly I am getting a lot more of it done this morning than planned)
  • I put on one of my favorite shirts that I don't always get along with but today apparently I do ("Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live")
  • Wear my Power Minis: Rhodonite "Grace" and Blue Goldstone "Health"

Not surprisingly I couldn't photograph the darn Power Minis on me which left Nim. Note that Nim has now gone to his happy place.

It is such a dark morning, how about some "Dark Shadows" related news?

You might remember I was attempting to watch the series before the movie release. I never got through season one (perhaps the later seasons would be less plagued with extensive and dramatic dialogue? - This is probably why I don't watch soaps).

I did manage to "lose" (throw out) the library's 3rd disc of season one resulting in a $60 fine because I had to buy the entire box set. And guess what, when you pay a fine on a series that you have only lost part of you then own what is left of it so now I can finish season one whenever I want. The librarian solemnly handed me my box set and then recounted the only episode he remembers: it was scary and he hid behind the couch.

In the news today I read that Jonathan Frid, "Barnabas Collins" has died. He has an appearance in the remake coming out in May which I think is pretty neat and I am looking forward to.

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