Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Molly and Myrtle Bulletin

I am about to start several hours of baking which is exactly what I need. This is even with other people in mind so I will have to mind my presentation and recipe following.

First I took Nim over to my parents so he could run in their yard and get a bath.

Then I decided to try and catch Molly and Myrtle and do their nails. Notice the clawed bathtub. Clawed. Imagine trying to catch cats around it.

For some reason none of the Myrtle photos made it. But she was pretty easy to catch and clip.

Molly on the other hand hissed and spit. I am not without marks. She would jump straight up several feet and attempt to transport sideways. She also expelled something unpleasant.

But once I caught her she was also easy to clip although highly emotional (a bit like Emile).

Then rather than run from me she just stood in the corner. It was very bizarre.

Myrtle didn't understand what her problem was either. And she just wanted to get out and hang with Nim.

Now for the hours of baking!


  1. I once tried to put a leash on my cat and he flipped out and took a poop on my washing machine. That was unpleasant

  2. That would be very unpleasant. :) There was this lady I used to see with her cat on a leash/harness combo around Woodlawn Park Zoo in Seattle. That cat NEVER looked happy to be out. I have personally never even tried it.

  3. my cat loves to be outside but we live on a busy street and he is obsessed with the front yard so I thought I'd try a harness leash so that he can roam safely. Not happening.

  4. It was a noble thought to your cat's safety. :)