Wednesday, March 21, 2012

After Swimming

This is Nim after a swimming session at Aquadog Spa. It completely wears him out physically and mentally.

Nim doesn't go as frequently as Rusty needed to. While Nim doesn't have a physical ailment (thankfully) that swimming would be therapeutic for, he is young, extremely active, and doesn't tend to go less than full-out for anything physical. Swimming in the long run will help his body last longer and I also am building a foundation if he needs it for an injury later in life.

Someone once said to me that people like me put demands on our dogs like athletes but we don't always care for their bodies that way until they are injured. Higher drive dogs are even worse than people in continuing to exert through an injury and concealing it. I started swimming Odin around age 4 and I started with Nim when he was just a baby.

Ironically I own breeds that don't generally like swimming at all, but Cindy has done a really wonderful job getting great work out of Nim. The pool is the only environment he really will fetch a toy in.

Swimming Nim can be violent and chaotic. :) I am always sorry if I am not wearing quick drying clothing to swim him. But he gets out of that pool with his body moving loose and easy afterwards. I know that I am helping him safely build and maintain his muscle and sometimes he will even stop a bit for a massage. :)


  1. aw, he looks so tuckered out, good for you for being proactive with his health

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  3. Haha, my dog used to get a little frantic in the water. Guess it's because it was a prairie dog and not used to water! :)

  4. Like a real prairie dog?! They are so cute too! Do they actually swim?!

    He was totally beat after swimming, and then about an hour later...

    I do enjoy doing little things for him when I can. Your closest animal companions never live long enough...