Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Cheesecake

What a good way to start the morning!

The consistency actually came out really nice (too bad my photos tend not to). I am so excited about this. It is my type of recipe: quick, easy, and successful. I will definitely make it again!


  1. I know! I am so excited about how it turned out. It was wonderful to wake up to. :)

  2. I have made a few of her recipes which have turned out. I've been a bit lazy lately but I need to get back to baking and your yummy looking cheesecake may do the trick

  3. This cheesecake has been one of my favorites of hers. I even got supplies yesterday to try it again and experiment with a different flavor. :)

    What I did with this first one I made was section it up, put in the freezer and then I take out what I want, add a little chocolate syrup and a quick microwave and it has been incredible. I think it has helped make the week!

  4. that's a good idea because otherwise my guy will eat the whole thing in one day

  5. Trust me, the freezer hasn't stopped me. :)

    This is not a super heavy cheesecake and it is very easy to eat and enjoy!