Monday, March 5, 2012

A Nice Weekend

As I write this post, it is dumping rain. This is a huge change from this weekend in which we actually saw sun!

Saturday the main order of business was washing Nim at my parents house. This was LONG overdue. They have this walk in shower that we both can fit in and he can't get away. You can tell he is thrilled.
Then he got to run (and tear up) their yard while drying. There were a lot of neighbors out which made him hyper aware.

Beautiful sun!

Meanwhile, I finally felt the beady eyes of Myrtle. She didn't care about me. She was absolutely fascinated with Nim...who was frequently moving at warp speed.

Once we went into the house I wanted to let Nim and Myrtle and Molly all meet. Now Molly I could hear the second I walked in the door. However only Myrtle stayed out once Nim came into the room.

Nim got a little closer...maybe too close...

Then Nim finally saw Myrtle and wanted to leave. :) I will keep working on their introductions.

After his bathing, yard running, and cat meeting the sun was still out and I was crazy restless! I knew North Bend would still be black so we headed to Redmond and walked as much as we could. There was a cooler wind and the sun started going down much to soon, but we still got some time out in it.

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