Friday, March 30, 2012

Mercer Slough

The weather wasn't giving any favors today but as I was heading out of Bellevue the sky seemed to clear up again so I quickly pulled off in the Blueberry Farm parking area for the Mercer Slough Nature Park.

We did get rained on a bit but the heavy hail, etc. held off. Most of the trails were actually draining pretty well too so the mud wasn't terrible.

It wasn't quite what I was craving but it was good for the pup. Really it was good for me too and if I am honest I am not entirely sure what I needed today because arguably I could have suited up and dealt with the weather in the mountains.

On my mind right now is my quarter starting up again on Monday. Normally I actually start reading some of the material before the quarter even starts but this time I am avoiding the book altogether. :) I am excited at the prospect of another big project which this class has so I bet come Monday I will be ready to dive in.


  1. Oh it was snowing here last night. Everyone was confused.
    Aagin, that place you walk your dog just looks so similar to the area here. You can bring your pup here for a walk and he'll never know the differemce :)

  2. I actually might freak out if it snows again. :) Right now it is dark and rainy. This is hard stuff and I grew up here!

    What is funny is I have probably visited more of our "wet land" areas in the past few months than in my entire life! It really isn't representative of our area. The mountains have been just so yucky and I am always looking for that area in-between the storms!

    It is fun that it looks so much like where you live and I would say generally unrepresentative of where I live.

    Nim is so overstimulated by the aquatic environments (the birds) that it isn't always the most relaxing walk.