Saturday, March 17, 2012

Upcoming Quilt Show

For any local area quilters, Pacific Fabrics is hosting a "From Your Hands" quilt show in all their stores. There is no entry fee and you can submit up to three entries. Store visitors do the voting and the prizes are Pacific Fabrics gift certificates.

I have never entered any quilt I have made before in anything and this seems like it might be a great one to try.

I am trying to unclog projects so I can get at the one I want to submit. The quilt above is not one I plan on submitting, however it has most of my safety pins holding the layers together so I need to get it done (I knew there was something I forgot last time I was at the fabric store).

The photo above is more intended to show one of the tips from the Pam Damour seminar at the Sew Expo. She suggests turning your home sewing machine so it is similar in position to a long-arm machine. I am still getting used to it but so far like it enough to keep working with it.

The above quilt would have been the perfect one to practice all of her free-motion designs but in the interest of time I need to stick to what I am fastest at, especially since the quilt I want to submit is even bigger and I need my back and arms to last.

All my hiking gear is finally dry from the snow hiking incident, however I am on a quilting mission right now. Sorry Nim.


  1. Good for you for taking your quilting to the next level. My mother is amazing with a sewing machine and with knitting, I did not take after her in these skills and I am sorry about that. Good luck with it, the colours for that one are so feminine and pretty

  2. You might surprise is never too late for you to start!