Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday - 4 Day Countdown

It is probably a bit melodramatic for me to be so focused on finals week when I take one class at a time (especially considering I have two sister taking full course loads) but I am SO ready for this quarter to be done! In many ways I am actually ready for schooling to be done, I got hit the hardest ever with that feeling this quarter, but for now I need to keep working on it.

Emile is on a diet. This means he spends even more time going through my clothing for dogs treats. For some people it is their dog that eats the pockets out of their jeans, for me, it is my darn cat. I also have taken to hiding the dog dish (in the microwave naturally) because Emile obsessively cleans it and moves it around the kitchen, causing further destruction such as knocking over the water dish.

And thankfully I started Emile on his diet about a month before his vet visit last week in which he weighed in at about 16.8 (can you imagine what he weighed before?!). Still, I had to stand there, trapped in the tiny room for an extended, guilt-producing and depressing lecture on the many ways I was destroying my cat's life and the health problems ahead if I didn't fix it.

This was then followed by ideas of trimming down a food-focused cat (magnetic cat door controlled feeding stations...making your cat chase its dinner?! Needless to say, neither are an option in my current life.)

All this dedication and focus on the same darling cat I had to get dog food bins for when he was just a little kitten because he ate through the bags. The same cat who has destroyed clothing, books, and important papers. The same cat that yowled the entire drive to the vet and peed in the kennel for emphasis.

My quilt progress will have to slow a bit this week but it is coming along! The plan was 16 blocks. I thought I was almost done but I had so many half-triangle squares left I decided to do another count and see what I was left with. The quilt will be bigger than planned.


  1. I know for myself, it is more difficult to focus when I only had one or two classes, versus a full schedule. There's too much room for distraction. All I can say is good luck and it will be over soon

  2. I actually think you are right that sometimes a full load focuses you more because you REALLY don't have a choice. :)

    The stress is also different for me returning since the focus is more on job change, can I find a job, how to sustain in my current know, life. :)

  3. ps, my mom's cat is pretty huge. We call him Totoro. He should go on a diet too.

  4. and I agree about the uncertainty around work and life. I have a pretty good job but I always think about other things I could be doing.

  5. I laughed about the Totoro name because I know what that cat looks like. :) I swear it is harder to diet a cat than a dog. They tolerate domestication, but don't embrace it.

    I know my job is going away and already had a salary cut at the start of the year. There is a ton of good in my life, but some overwhelming stuff too.