Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Pretty much since the moment I woke up I have been restless today. I should be sewing but when I couldn't focus on that, I decided to bake and clean the house a bit. I will basically have to pull a late night of sewing or give up on the goal of submitting to the Pacific Fabrics quilt show.

Leela was interested until she realized it was nothing worthwhile to her.

I wanted to play with that cheesecake recipe I did a few days ago. My initial plan was peanut butter chocolate chip.

I went down to 1/2 tablespoon lemon and added 1/4 cup peanut butter. Then it came time to add the chocolate. I couldn't decide. (I think really I just wanted to stand there and eat some chocolate chips and think. :))

Do chocolate chips even belong in cheesecake?! I suppose the same could be asked about peanut butter. So you can see I did the half and half. The batter did taste good...more later on the actual cake.

Emile knows my vegan baking is not worth his time. :)


  1. at least you got a lot accomplished during your procrastination. I love the wood finish of that room in your photo, so rustic and please send me a piece of that cheesecake. I go through periods of not wanting to be in the kitchen so when I get that itch to bake, I ride that high as long as it lasts

  2. Thank you! It is considered a panabode construction. It is actually a bit of a cold and damp house at times but that is mostly just old construction, but it is pretty.

    My peanut butter version was pretty good...but not as good as the first one! Now I am considering swinging towards berry!

    But first...holy smokes did you see the latest Chocolate Covered Katie? Needless to say, I already know what tonight's project is.

    And you are right, when the baking itch comes, it is better not to ignore it. I love it!