Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This quilt is large so I am pretty excited about the progress I have made so far. Much more than I planned on today.

I already knew that this quilt would not be quilted with specific patterns, but I promised myself I would change my normal quilting style a bit and I am surprised how much I am enjoying it. I have a lot more control than I used to in free motion quilting so that is very encouraging.

I think I owe Nim a peanut butter kong tonight for a long boring day. He doesn't realize we were legitimately rained in.


  1. You can almost hear his thoughts in this picture! :D

  2. Yes. He hates me even more this morning. He needs to swim at 9am and he can't eat before hand so he thinks he can pace and stare at me.

  3. wow, that's so pretty and I love the flowery lining - I think it's lining, but what do I know :)

  4. Isn't that flowery fabric gorgeous? I love it more and more.

    It is technically backing, but call it what you will, I knew what you meant. :) It makes me think of pottery maybe Mexico for some reason. I love it!

  5. yes it has a very Aztec feel to it, you need to cuddle up with it and have some salsa with chips and a margarita