Friday, March 9, 2012

Rainier Therapeutic Riding

When I read about Rainier Therapeutic Riding earlier in the week I knew right away it was the organization would post on Friday.

This organization provides therapeutic horse riding for injured military personnel. If you are an animal lover you already know the benefits an animal can provide anyone injured, sick, or disabled. I know a lot of kids with disabilities that have benefited from horsemanship therapy so to see this concept applied to injured military was really inspiring to me.

We know we have a lot of military personnel that are returning home under a considerable amount of stress. They have had experiences that non-military can often only poorly relate to or understand at best. I am glad for any organization trying to step up and help out.

The photos on this site are wonderful. You can see the strength and the grace of the horses partnered with a bonded rider. Take the time to read about why using horses is beneficial. This a very unique approach on how working a horse through something is also helping the rider to work through PTSD.

(A couple more photos from hiking yesterday...a reminder that some day Spring is coming!)


  1. my best friend who grew up on a farm talks about starting a horse retreat for autistic kids one day. I can really see the value in these organizations.

  2. I hope your friend does it. It has helped SO many kids and I think it would be very rewarding for her. :)

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  4. sorry, reposted my comment by accident, too many night shifts :)

  5. I totally understand vogelstar. Especially if you are working a graveyard shift, which I once worked was SO hard.

  6. Awww, I LOVE therapeutic riding programs. Growing up the barns I rode at did a few therapy sessions for kids with musculoskeletal disorders as part of their physical therapy!I also LOVE dobermans! My grandparents/aunts/uncles always had the growing up. When I was very little my sister and I would actually ride around on their backs like they were littel ponies!

  7. Hello Tanya! Thanks for commenting.

    You are not the first person who has a story about riding around on a doberman. :) They have the body and the stature that invites it.

    That is great that you rode at a barn that had therapeutic riding options. SO much can be done with the power of animals and horses just have the giant mass to them that I think is very helpful for some people.

    Congrats again on your new K9 pal.