Saturday, March 10, 2012

Honoring my favorite desktop photo

This photo was taken of Odin and myself in 2007. It has been my desktop photo ever since. I have tried MANY times to switch it out and every time it has been too hard. This morning I switched to the photo in the below post and I think I am finally able to start rotating desktop photos again. I am hoping posting the photo here will help.

Odin was one of those losses that hurt so bad that I didn't ever want to own a dog again. I didn't want to risk falling in love and connecting so completely.

Odin hated swimming, but he would sit in my lap for a massage. Once he got on the stronger drugs and his heart got worse we tried one more water session and then quit. He didn't seem to handle the heat and humidity as well as his heart disease advanced and there was no way I was going to risk him swimming (which he did as quickly and panicked as possible to make it end).